All new temporary employees go through an in-depth face-to-face orientation to ensure appropriate and accurate relay of information is conveyed accordingly. Orientation and training is tailored specifically to the needs of each work-site and job function. Job specific training can be done, prior to and/or upon job placement. Client specific orientation is conducted alongside the following topics:

  • Attendance and work schedule
  • Performance
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Worker compensation, safety reporting, and injury reporting
  • Drug and alcohol-use and testing
  • Criminal activity-background checks
  • Work authorization requirements
  • Timekeeping and payroll procedure
  • Badges and replacement
  • Temp to hire requirements
  • Call-in procedure if absent
  • Attitude/Appearance expectations

Policies and procedures

All employees will attend orientation and sign an acknowledgement of understanding and compliance of Iowa Staffing policies and procedures including:

  • Job responsibilities and expectations
  • Work schedule and attendance standards
  • Attitude/appearance expectations
  • Break/lunch schedule
  • Safety reporting
  • Timecard tracking
  • Break room/restroom

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